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AEG announces  subsidized property program

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Emerald Group Inc

Recent Success Stories

Recent Success Stories

  • Provided a full limit $38M property quote on the water, including wind.
  • Bound a $25M package on a frame condominium complex.
  • Placed a $50M frame condominium complex on a guaranteed replacement cost basis. Coverage was placed on a package basis with broad coverage. The complex had aluminum wiring which was partially remediated through an ARC Fault system.

Builder's Risk:

  • Offered a $26M frame project, on a completed value basis, with an A-15 carrier, to include a $5M DIC limit.


  • Bound a $15M schedule of frame 3 and 4 families in Boston.
  • Bound a $17M subsidized frame schedule on Cape Cod.
  • Bound a $140M multi-state package on a subsidized housing schedule to incude Property, General Liability, Equipment Breakdown and DIC.
  • Provided a full limits policy on an $85M converted Mill with $10M in DIC.
  • Bound a $150M+ multi-state package policy on a subsidized schedule (Section 8, Section 236 & Section 202) to include: Property, Liability and DIC. We also placed a $25M Umbrella on top of the schedule.

Equipment Breakdown:

  • Provided a working foundry with equipment breakdown coverage.

Coastal Exposure:

  • Placed a single-peril wind policy on a coastal property to supplement a primary policy exclusion.