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AEG announces  subsidized property program

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Delivers the latest business news for the P & C insurance industry.

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Representing the broadest cross section of insurers of any national trade association.

National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices, Ltd.:

A national trade association representing the surplus lines industry and the wholesale insurance marketing system. Up-to-date news, education, and position papers regarding this segment.

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Personal Knowledge and Experience...

There is no substitute for experience. Your accounts will be brought to market by a staff that has more than 80 years of experience in all facets of the property/casualty insurance field. We understand that marketing in the surplus lines arena is about selling. We do not “shovel” accounts to carriers in an effort to cover every possible contingency. Instead, we take the time to review and understand your account before approaching viable carriers. We recognize that, in order to be the very best advocate for your account, we must know what it is all about. When your account leaves this office, it will be presented to the market in the best possible light.

Why Surplus Lines?

The appetites of standard lines carriers are constantly changing. The recent series of devastating hurricanes and “super storms” combined with the dire predictions of modeling agencies has narrowed the underwriting box in coastal regions. Perfectly good risks are being cast aside because they do not fit the guidelines established by carriers or modelers. 

​Old misconceptions about subsidized housing have added to the standard markets’ move away from habitational business.

​There are those accounts that are forced into surplus lines placement because of poor loss history or for underwriting concerns.

​Larger, more complex risks can benefit by using these carriers. Because surplus lines carriers are not subject to rate and form filings, these markets provide these risks with the dexterity to properly write their exposures. Insurance is definitively a product where “one size” does not fit all.